Kitsuni Kori


Approximate Stats

Height- 5.6
Weight- 140 lbs
Hair- dark brown
Eyes- probably brown

The thing is, none of this matters. That’s just what Kitsune might look like today. Tomorrow it’ll be different. Kitsune isn’t really the average teen that they appear to be. But then, how many residents of The City really are?



Things about Kitsune:

-Kitsune died shortly after arriving. Naga saved them by giving them her Elixir of Life.

-The Elixir of Life brought back confusing memories and other strange side effects. Kitsune now sees a part of everyone’s spirit or aura in The City. It was distracting at first, but it’s become a useful tool to determine who is “good” or “worthy.”

-Kit didn’t stay under the spell of The Mist for very long this time. The story filled in and they remember it, but Kit is aware of other memories too. While they vividly recall traveling around the world with Aunt Thea for the past 10 years, they also remember sitting on the kitchen floor, surrounded by take out, and asking each other questions until dawn.

-Kitsune isn’t finished forming. They are a spirit in a state of flux. Fox spirits take the form of the people they are most heavily influenced by. As a result, Kitsune looks mostly like Aunt Thea, but their appearance has been morphing into something else lately.

-Kitsune is acutely aware that they are not done forming yet. Some changes happen gradually and are difficult to detect from day to day. Others come suddenly and without warning. They discovered one change immediately after a punch to the chest.

-Kitsune spends a lot of spare time discovering their “powers.” They explore parts of The City, high on the rooftops, and try to unlock more secrets within.

-Kitsune has a Bokken; a wooden, practice sword they use when needed. They don’t want to hurt anyone unless there’s no other option.

-Kitsune is a messenger for Naga. They work most evenings running errands and listening for “things of interest.” Kitsune offers their savior a lucky wish each shift. It drains their power slightly but they owe her everything.

-Kitsune’s route brings them past the same souls everyday. Kit leaves food, necessities, and treats for them along the way.

-They are often alone. Aunt Thea’s work brings her out of town frequently, leaving Kitsune to explore the secrets of The City on their own. No one questions this.

-A public record of Kitsune’s existence has appeared recently. It states that Kitsune’s parents died 10 years ago and they were adopted by Thea. (Records of sex are blurry and indecipherable.) The pair have called many exotic locations home, only recently arriving in The City last June.

-Kitsune has settled into routine easily, but with so many constant reminders of the spirit world, it’s hard for them to stay focussed. Kit feels the strong pull of the stars and if not for a few people, they might just give into that call.

Kitsuni Kori

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