Areas of the City

North Bank:

Downtown, an electric bustle of modern life and business.

Eastside, newer homes, same old problems.

Warehouse District, the sprawling, mechanical heartbeat of industry.

Hilltop, as close to Winegarden as most folks can get.

South Bank:

The Old Quarter, where history and gentrification meet.

Southside, not that different from Eastside, except for age.  And side.

Cross End, a place where even the City seems to have given up.

Little Dublin, colorful, or full of conflict, depending on your perspective.

Western Fork:

Winegarden, high atop the cliffs where the legacy families look out over the City, and decay.


The Lakeshore, riddled with piers, wharves, warehouses, and mist.  So much mist.

River Crossing, we don't really talk about the place where the rivers meet.  Not sure why, maybe it just never comes up.

Just Out of Town, because there's more to the world than just The City, right?


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Areas of the City

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