Church of Santa Teresa de Avila

Cross End might seem an unlikely location for a crumbling flying-buttressed cathedral, but the Church of Santa Teresa de Ávila was here before long Cross End became the slum that it is today. Built as a monument to an 18th-Century railroad baron's ego, the cathedral had fallen far from its days of glory. Recently, the cathedral has come under the wing of the wealthy and influential Excalibur family following the mysterious events of Friday, September 22, 2017, when a near-riot apparently broke out as a result of community unrest after the gruesome murders of three deeply pious community members. 

What is not commonly known is that the Church of Santa Teresa de Ávila was specifically built on top of a site sacred to the native tribes of the area—which is actually a location-based Gateway for the Horned God mythos. The reported "riot" of 9/22/17 was no less than a full-on assault against the structure of the cathedral by the (mostly teenage) followers of Bear, a priest of the Horned God who sought to free the mythos from its imprisonment. The murders, meanwhile, were the work of a fanatic named Christina Atwater who thought that sacrificing a true believer would reinforce the Horned God's prison. That didn't work out real well for either one of them.


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Church of Santa Teresa de Avila

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