Cross End

Police sirens wail day and night in this godforsaken neighborhood. It’s all for show; the police have long given up on this community and any presence they keep here is for the sake of appearances only. Gunshots are heard regularly from a few blocks over, and sometimes you can catch sight of armed gangs exchanging live fire on the streets as frightened mothers pull their children closer and run for cover. Local business are all protected by grilles, locks, and bars, but owners still open the door when gangsters want to come in, for fear of later retribution.

Economically, this place is a black hole, as poverty prevails and the only ones making a buck are criminals that are unwelcome anywhere else. Life in the Blue-Collar Residential can be an uphill battle; here it’s a living hell. 

Places of Interest:

Church of Santa Teresa de Avila

The Community Center

Abandoned Community Pool

Lockewood Asylum

The Tenement


Kilghast Prison

Character Opinions on Cross End

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Cross End

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