Downtown is where it’s all happening. It’s the beating heart of the City, pumping millions of souls in and out every day, locals and visitors of all walks of life who come here for business, pleasure, or both. 

By day, downtown feels like a clockwork toy city: everything is buzzing with hurriedness and purpose, people trying to get things done. Downtown is a rainforest of billboards and neon signs. Visible all through the day, they become the only illumination after the sun sets. The hustle and bustle never quiets down; it only changes direction. In the neon-spiked darkness, downtown seeks release for all the tension it built up during the day.

Places of Interest:

The Subway Station

The Theater Avenue

The Alley

The Financial District

The Smoky Jazz Club

The Run-Down Apartment Building

The Tower (High-Rise condos where Aunt Thea and Kitsune live)


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