Downtown is the shining chrome heart of the city, a place where skyscrapers pierce the sky and fortunes are made and lost. It's the hustle and bustle of businesspeople rushing to and fro, the sparkle of diamonds on an elegant hand, the discordant hum of a million people connecting and disconnecting. 

At night there's an electric glow to Downtown as it flips over from business to pleasure. The finest dining, the hippest nightclubs, and the hottest places to see and be seen can all be found somewhere on the neon-lit streets of Downtown. 

Places of Interest:

The Central Library

Prydwen Vaults

La Tour dArgent – High-rise condos where Aunt Thea and Kitsune live

Helix HQ

Empire HQ

The Financial District

The Theater Avenue

Memorial Hospital

Caliburn Museum of Science and Industry

Highbridge – one of three bridges that connect the north and south banks of the CIty.


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