Little Dublin

The cultural life in this small residential neighborhood revolves around the traditions and heritage of a specific ethnic group (or, in the case of Little Dublin, three or four ethnic groups.) Often close to the inner City, the streets here are busy and cramped and the buildings are far from new, with some areas well-cared-for and others run-down. Overhead, colorful signs in a foreign language are clumped on top of one another, hidden by national flags and decorations for an upcoming or recent festivity. 

The smell of mouth-watering signature dishes fills the air and often you can find a nearby open-air market swarmed by locals and visitors alike who are shopping for street food, fresh produce, meats, and delicacies. The ethnic borough is a close-knit community; everyone here knows everyone or knows someone who does. 

Little Dublin is a neighborhood in The City which was historically Irish up through the mid-20th Century, when it experienced a dramatic change in ethnic makeup during the post-WWII boom when white-collar workers fled the city to the inner-ring suburbs. From the 1950s through the 2010s, Little Dublin became a true melting pot as waves of Mexican, Indian, and Middle Eastern immigrants settled into the crumbling three-story brownstones. Now the area is experiencing the first seismic shifts of urban renewal as young white professionals take advantage of low property values in the mainly blue-collar, close-knit ethnic neighborhood.  

Places of Interest:


Crowne Taverna

Wong Lo Trading Company


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Little Dublin

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