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Meta Background:

Our campaign is set in the wonderfully designed world of City of Mist, published by Son of Oak Game Studios.  Our game started as a one-shot running the Halloween special Demons in Cross End using the pre-generated characters. To no one's real surprise, the players unanimously voted to continue the campaign after the one-shot.

Though we are continuing to use the pre-generated characters since the players strongly bonded with them, we have begun to modify them to reflect the players' own unique take on the characters. Likewise, the core of the City is as described in the Core Book, but through cooperative city-building we are extending and reforging it into our own unique City of Mists.

Some verbiage in the wiki has been modified or quoted verbatim from the City of Mist Core Book, though in a deliberately limited form to avoid copyright infringement. If you, the theoretical person who has stumbled across this wiki without being familiar with City of Mist, are curious to see which parts of our city are "canon," I encourage you to visit the Son of Oak website and check out the game for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

Rueq, MC




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