PS 192

PS 192 Math and Science Academy, aka: The Academy

Long ago, PS 192 housed the usual kind of school and students that come to mind when one thinks about schools and students. Several years ago, the building went under an amazing transformation. Alumni would be hard pressed to find a connection to their past since the remodeling project's completion. The halls are now opened wide with large windows and skylights, which flood the space with natural light. There’s a general buzz of excitement within the brick walls of this old building that hasn’t been felt for a long time. Maybe ever.

The Academy has become a innovative haven for bright minds. With floor plans that include indoor parks, casual living rooms, and R&D labs, students spend more time expanding ideas and pursuing personal interests then test scores and SATs. The teachers are encouraging, but constantly push students to achieve top performance. The Academy keeps track of students with a scoring system that is supposedly confidential, however everyone seems to know them anyway. There is a minimum acceptance score and those who fall below are “transferred.”

Most believe The Academy to be one of the best opportunities for the driven youth of today. They receive many generous donations, grants, and support from the community to keep this thriving institution well funded. Still, there are those who believe that there is something more at play. And what happened to those students who didn't make the cut anyway?


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PS 192

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