An artist's co-op in an old car wash located on the border between Little Dublin and The Old Quarter.  Mostly populated by urban hipsters from rich families, it is known more for raves and insufferable street philosophies than actual art. The roster of folks affiliated and folks currently housed in the building is fairly fluid, but some key members are:

 - Zapps Malloy, unofficial 'head equal', theremin 'master', utter hipster.  His real name is Reginald Morgenstern, but he tries very hard to never mention his Winegarden upbringing.  Despite this, his father foots most of the bill for the ScorchRain space, which gives Zapps an entitled attitude in a group that is supposed to be equals.

 - Veruca Alt, local DJ of minor renown and oil-and-canvas artist.  She is dating Sledge and they are expecting their first child.  Comes from family in Hilltop.  Total punk.

 - Sledge Hammar, local DJ of almost no talent, welding artist.  Veruca's boyfriend, and owner of a ridiculous mustache, which he styles for various contests. 

 - Couch, who has always just… been around?  No one knows his real name, or who invited him, or why he seems to be asleep 75% of the time.  At this point, it's awkward to ask, even when he helps himself to almost all of your food/drink in the communal fridge.

 - Flicker, resident tech head and graphic artist

 - Krysanthymum, fibers artist and micro-brewer

 - Lily Chow, a runaway and new addition, busks with her violin 

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