The Old Quarter

Old stone buildings and cobbled streets with wrought-iron street lamps fill this cramped district, giving it the appearance of a place out of time. Landmarks of the City’s history are everywhere you look, from lavish historical estates with neatly-trimmed gardens to well-preserved townhouses where someone important once lived. 

The oldest part of the city, the Old Quarter was once known as the Merchant District and was the center of trade for the City. After the Event destroyed much of the city north of the river, big business shifted across the river to Downtown. For decades, the Old Quarter was left to quietly decay. In the last five years or so the Old Quarter has been gentrified, but much of the area has been restored rather than torn down and replaced like Downtown. As a result the area is much more Mythos-based and there are plenty of thin spots in the Mist. 

Epicurean restaurants, boutiques, and art galleries fill much of the Old Quarter. Here you can find Michel's gallery, Dee's antiques dealership, and a shop where the more successful artists from ScorchRain sell their wares.


Places of Interest:

The Old Piano Factory

Ananda Art Gallery

The Dubois Gallery – rival to the nearby Ananda Art Gallery, run by Anastasia Dubois.

Lestrange Antiques

Carmarthen University

Excalibur Museum of Natural History

Blue Moon Coffee Shop – run by werewolves. Excellent coffee.

Highbridge – one of two bridges over the east river

Old Quarter Cemetery – on the border of Little Dublin

La Mansión Avilés

Abandoned Grain Mill

The Rag House Jazz Club


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The Old Quarter

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