The Old Quarter

Centuries ago, migrating people first settled in the area that is now the City. They were met by indigenous tribes, as history tells us, or, if you want the romanticized version, by monsters, spirits, and gods. Their settlement thrived and evolved, growing greater in fortune and population as time went by. Eventually, it became this City you see before you; but it all started here, in the Old Quarter. 

Old stone buildings and cobbled streets with wrought-iron street lamps make out this cramped district, giving it the appearance of a place out of time. Landmarks of the City’s history are everywhere you look, from pompous historical estates with neatly-trimmed gardens to well-preserved townhouses where someone important once lived. 

Places of Interest:

Ananda Art Gallery

The Museum

The University

The Cobbled Street

The Historic Residence

The Ruin


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The Old Quarter

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